First Step

download the app

Download from the App Store or Google Play Store to order from the app, find locations, get exclusive offers, and earn “Bones” to get discounts on future visits.

Second Step

redeem your reward

Free Burger/Sandwich (with any purchase) is immediately added to your account, as a simple Thank You for joining.*

*Valid for first-time users only.

Third Step

earn bones

Order online while signed into your account or scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt and watch those Bones add up!

how it works

how it works

how it works

receive a $10 reward

for every 100 bones earned.

$1 Spent = 1 Bone



How do I download the app?

Simply click on the App Store or Google Play image above or search "Famous Dave's" in your preferred app store.


What do I get for joining rewards?

You will get a free burger or sandwich (any purchase required). If the burger/sandwich you order includes a side, the side will also be free. This reward may only be earned once and is valid at participating locations.


Can I earn and redeem rewards online?

Online availability of rewards varies by restaurant. You can check by logging in, going to order online, and you should see available rewards at checkout.

See how to earn and redeem rewards online below.


How do I earn Bones?

When Dining-in (or paying at pickup):

Use the app to scan barcode at bottom of receipt:

  • Go to the "Rewards" tab at the bottom of the app screen
  • Select "Earn"
  • Select your location
  • Choose Scan Barcode or Enter Barcode Manually
    • Scan Barcode
      • The phone camera will scan the barcode printed at the bottom of the receipt
    • Enter Barcode Manually
      • Type in the 12-13 digit code
  • After a successful scan, Guests will be able to see how many bones they have earned

When Paying Online:

Simply place your order while logged into your rewards account and bones will be automatically added to your account within 24 hours.

Note: Some locations do not have this functionality. If bones are not automatically earned, pay at restaurant and use steps above or reach out to and our team will reach out to you.


How do I redeem rewards?

When Dining-in (or paying at pickup):

  • Go to the "Rewards" tab at the bottom of the app screen
  • Hit "Redeem"
  • Choose your Favorite Dave’s
  • Enter how much you’d like to redeem
  • Redemption Code will be displayed
  • Show redemption code to your Server/Cashier

When Paying Online:

  • Simply place your order while logged into your rewards account and you will see available rewards to be applied at checkout.
  • Note: Some locations do not have this functionality and you must select “pay at restaurant” and use steps above to redeem rewards for online orders.


When does my barcode expire on my receipt?

The barcode on your receipt expires 7 days after the date and time of your transaction. Be sure to scan your receipt right away.


How many bones can I earn per transaction?

500 bones can be earned per transaction.


Can I earn bones on catering orders?

Yes, up to 500. 


How will I be notified that I have earned a reward?

You will receive an email or push notification (if enabled). We highly recommend allowing the Famous Dave’s app to send you push notifications so you don’t miss out on rewards and other offers.


Can I earn bones on gift card purchases?

No, you do not earn bones when purchasing a Famous Dave’s gift card. However, you can earn bones when redeeming a gift card to pay for your transaction.


How many logins can I use per device?

Two logins per device.


Can I redeem more than one reward per visit?

You are only able to redeem a reward twice per day (2 receipts per 24 hours). Rewards cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts and are limited to 1 per check.


What if I click on redeem for a reward and I am not in the restaurant yet?

If you accidentally click “Redeem” for your reward and are not yet in a restaurant, you will still be able to use your reward code for four hours after tapping Redeem. A green bar will display at the bottom of the app with your active reward. If your code is not used during that time, it will be re-added to your available rewards.


Do my rewards expire?

Yes, each reward has a specific expiration date. The expiration date is listed at the top of the specific reward. Banked rewards dollars expire 365 days after earned.


i ordered through a delivery service provider - can I earn bones?

Rewards are valid only for orders placed in a Famous Dave's restaurant, directly through, or via the Famous Dave's app. Rewards cannot be earned or redeemed on orders placed through third parties. 

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