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Helping You Make Healthy Choices!

We encourage our guests who have nutrition and allergy concerns to download the pdfs below.

Nutrition, ingredients, and allergens may vary slightly from what's listed. This information is not guaranteed, so please use these documents as guides only.

A few important notes on nutrition and ingredients:

Check the listings regularly!
Ingredients and ingredient suppliers change from time to time. The allergen ingredient information is based on standard ingredients and the accuracy of the data is dependent on the individual restaurant operator’s compliance with proper preparation. Please note that slight variations may occur and Famous Dave’s of America does not assume responsibility for this information and cannot guarantee that the data is completely accurate as it relates to the prepared menu items in every Famous Dave’s of America restaurant location.

Information regarding allergens is provided by the ingredient manufacturer.
Famous Dave’s of America and its employees do not assume responsibility for this information or a particular sensitivity or allergy to any food item provided in the restaurant. Please be aware that cross contamination may occur between ingredients. Based on our product mix and preparation, we cannot guarantee that any menu item is completely free of any allergen.

We strive to do our very best in providing you with accurate information that will help you make the best food choices for yourself. Please inform your restaurant manager if you have a food allergy and ask to see the ingredient listings for the menu items you are interested in choosing, or review them regularly on this web site.

Famous Dave's does not operate gluten-free kitchens.
Cross-contamination of ingredients can occur. This prevents us from carrying any of our products as gluten-free. Please review the allergen statements and ingredients lists for our menu to aid you in your decision making.

For more information on allergies or intolerances, contact:
The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

 11781 Lee Jackson Highway, Ste. 160

Fairfax, VA 22033


Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America

1233 20th St NW, Suite 402

Washington, D.C.


Gluten Intolerance Group of North America

31214 124th Ave SE

Auburn, WA 98092

(253) 833-6655

Celiac Disease Foundation

13251 Ventura Blvd. #1

Studio City, CA 91604

(818) 990-2354

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